Sunday Stroll
Sunday Stroll

The State of the Trails

15 Feb 2023

Dear Friends of Black Rock,

The Black Rock Mountain Bike Area was established in 2002 through a unique collaboration between the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and the Black Rock Mountain Bike Association (BRMBA). It is located on a parcel of State Forest Land near Falls City, OR. It is the first ODF-approved “mountain bikes only” trail system.

Since its inception, BRMBA has relied on the help of passionate volunteers who donate their time to build and maintain these trails. We have also relied on the financial help of individuals and businesses. Their donations sustain our organization, provide toilet facilities for our riders, and pay for trail building equipment, tools and supplies to improve the trails and enhance the riding experience at Black Rock.

In 2021, our trail system was mandatorily closed following severe storm damage. With the help of riders, volunteers and donors, along with our close relationship with ODF, we managed to reopen. We could not have done it without them.

For the past few years, BRMBA has been working with ODF to develop a long-term multi-phase plan for Black Rock. This master plan is being used to guide current and future expansion efforts within the trail network.

The initial part of this plan seeks to improve and enhance the seven existing trails so that they are safer, provide better flow for riders, and give fresh perspectives on the mountain. Our goals are:

1. Perform much needed maintenance on the access road, including grading and graveling the entire road up to Mount Brown Loop Trail.

2. Rebuild Sunday Stroll, including its dirt jumps and wooden features. Extend it from the top of Mount Brown to the Socialist Valley intersection. Total trail distance will increase from 0.28 miles to 0.78 miles.

3. Rebuild Sickter Gnar so as to improve flow and intuition on the trail.

4. Rebuild Granny’s Kitchen, so that it starts once again at the top of the mountain and exits near Basic Training for a total of 1.08 miles (up from 0.41 miles). Perform reroutes where appropriate to improve trail flow and rider experience.

5. Update the wooden features on Banzai Downhill and rebuild the trail where appropriate so as improve trail continuity.

6. Install outdoor structures such as a gazebo at the summit of Mount Brown and covered areas at other locations such as Basic Training and near the Cliff Drop. Provide new picnic tables for riders. Repair the information board at Basic Training.

7. Build a new 0.42 mile line at the exit of BD3 that would provide an easier route for riders to descend to the base of GK5.

8. Rebuild Basic Training, adding a mini dual slalom course.

We have begun implementing this part of our plan. With the help of ODF, we have graded and graveled the access road up to the Sunday Stroll trail entrance, rebuilt the kiosk sign at the parking lot, and constructed a new, more secure, key box for the gate access key. We have also acquired a new picnic table donated by Santiam Bicycles.

Trail work is being accomplished regularly through organized weekend work parties. We have a dedicated core group of volunteers led by trail managers and the BRMBA board in tandem with ODF. We have rebuilt SG1 and SG2, a large portion of GK2, and a large portion of BD1. We are currently renovating Sunday Stroll/Brake Check from top to bottom.


Grant's Getaway on Sickter Gnar
Grant’s Getaway on Sickter Gnar

The work we are doing is improving the overall experience at Black Rock. But to finish this phase, we need your financial help. Our construction standards have gotten more rigorous. Building materials such as lumber, gravel, rock and hardware have gotten more expensive.

If you cherish these trails as much we do, please consider giving generously to BRMBA. Our 2023 fundraiser is up and running on GoFundMe. We are a 100% volunteer-powered (501)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 20-4857327). Your tax-deductible donation gives fully to Black Rock. It will support BRMBA and help us build outstanding trails. It will allow us to reach our initial goals more quickly and move us closer to the next step of our plan which we hope to unveil soon. Please help us turn our vision into reality–one that we know will bring you joy.

We love these trails and know you do, too. Thank you for shredding!


Matthew Lund
BRMBA President